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Financial security

Do you worry about payment conditions between you and your business partners?

Alfa Breakbulk has the solution you are looking for. The Atlas Group, of which Alfa Breakbulk is a part, has been offering a unique insurance, which covers your invoices in case of negligent payments.

Op top of that, we do not apply trust bonds. Instead, the insolvency insurance is managed by a neutral, third-party company which is registered at Lloyds of London with a strong A- rating. This truly makes us stand out among our competitors.


Simply because all members introduced into are network are completely reliable, which makes that we have an outstanding record and reputation with our insurance brokers. This has resulted in goodwill and confidence from their part.

And there is more…

Next to insolvency, our premium insurance also protects Alfa Breakbulk members in case of protracted default and bankruptcy for up to US$ 50.000 per member.

Payment Protection Program

In order to safeguard our network from disputes as much as possible, we implemented our special Payment Protection Program, which allows us to solve financial disagreements between Alfa breakbulk members in a peaceful way.

Thanks to our bi-monthly monitoring system through which we invite our members to report any outstanding payments from fellow Alfa Breakbulk members, we are able to warn our network about members not meeting their obligations.
These cases are directly treated by our Alfa Breakbulk HQ with the utmost care, since we feel this kind of information is too sensitive to be automatically processed by a computer system.

Even though financial disputes are rare within our network, we feel that monitoring is essential to our high-quality approach. If legal action is deemed necessary, Alfa Breakbulk will not hesitate to protect its first class reputation.

“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement.”
James Harrington

Industry Experts Arbitration

In the improbable event that our Payment Protection Program is not enough to solve problems regarding extra charges, additional costs or cargo claims, Alfa Breakbulk will install a neutral arbitration committee composed of three industry experts from three different continents. However, arbitrators will never be informed about the identity of the disputing parties, and vice versa.

This method allows us to solve problems without utilizing long-lasting and very costly procedures, which are to the disadvantage of all parties.

Alfa Breakbulk members looking for more details about our arbitration committee or wanting to avoid any misunderstanding or misinterpretation, can consult the ”Financial manual” section of our Rules & Regulations.

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