Alfa Breakbulk’s Annual Conference

Thanks to our Annual Alliance Conference, Alfa Breakbulk members really have the opportunity to get the most out of their membership.

The one-to-one sessions, which are organized at a stone’s throw of the main venue, are complemented with a welcome drink, a couple of lunches and a full dinner.

We also will provide a daylight and smoking area.

In order to boost proactivity and social interaction amongst our members, the conference also includes extracurricular social activities like cocktails, drinks, coffee breaks, etc.

As our conference takes place just after the Breakbulk Europe Conference & Exhibition, the attending members can save on travel costs.

“Meetings should be great – they’re opportunities for a group of people sitting together around a table to directly communicate. That should be a good thing. And it is, but only if treated as a rare delicacy.”
Jason Fried

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