A superior non-exclusive project cargo
and breakbulk network

Alfa Breakbulk is a breakbulk and project cargo logistics network that mainly focuses on innovation and excellence, of which our own NVOCC is one of the main examples.

Unbeatable added values

Even though we are not the biggest or cheapest breakbulk and project cargo logistics network out there, we can confidently state that we offer high-quality added values that are superior to those of any of our colleagues.

Safety first

Since we put safety before anything else, Alfa Breakbulk members can do business without worrying about financial setbacks. We thoroughly screen all aspiring members before introducing them into the network.


Is there anything more?
Much more!

  • Global service contracts

  • Free banking platform

  • Access to innovative partners

  • Container repositioning platform

  • Personal assistance

  • Foolproof rate and B/L filing facilities

  • Freight rate benchmarking

  • International Breakbulk meeting

  • Online cargo insurance

  • Globally registered NVOCC

  • International credit risk analysis

  • Ethical code of conduct

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