Optimized Container Repositioning

Our agreement with xChange, the online solution for one-way container moves/SOC containers, enables our members to quickly find available containers at more than 2.500 locations worldwide. This includes flat racks, open tops and other special container equipment.


xChange is a completely transparent logistics solution showing you available containers in just a couple of clicks.


Thanks to its comprehensive optimization algorithms, xChange automatically generates pro-active recommendations based on the needs of its users.

Reduction of manual workload

The online platform is surprisingly efficient and intuitive, which enables professionals to cut time and focus on other projects instead.

New and convenient revenue channel

With its short term and one-way leases, xChange opens up a whole new world of previously untapped revenue opportunities.

Simplified operational processes

With xChange, even billing and invoicing becomes a piece of cake. From now on, your only worry will be the monthly consolidated invoices.

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