Network Pay

Alfa Breakbulk Network Pay reduces your banking costs to zero
Thanks to our partnership with the unique and IT-driven solution Network Pay, Alfa Breakbulk members receive the opportunity to drastically reduce their transfer costs.

Alfa Breakbulk Network Pay key benefits
  • No international banking transaction costs.

  • No minimum deposits required to execute payments.

  • Interesting foreign exchange rates.

  • Access to 25 virtual currencies.

  • The ability to pay out Alfa Breakbulk Partners in 150+ international currencies.

Alfa Breakbulk Network Pay added values
  • Easy and user-friendly IT solution.

  • Simple procedure enabling to invite new partners.

  • FCA-regulated banking companies.

  • Safe two-factor authentication confirmation by phone.

“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify!”
Henry David Thoreau

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